Travel Journal: Tulum, Mexico

In January 2018 my family and I planned to get away from the cold NYC winter and make a home in Tulum, Mexico for the month.  It was such a special time for us and we created memories I will forever remember. 

In this post I'm covering everything from travel tips and spots to see in Tulum, logistics I would and wouldn't do again, tips for traveling with a 9 month old, along with the huge change this trip catalyzed for our family. 

Tulum Sunset
Humo Tulum
Humo Family Hammock
Emily Cenote
Mayan Ruins Milo
Dancing Sunrise
Milo Beach
Tulum Art Club
Humo - The Place.
Milo Mini Sombrero
Colorful Woven Bags
Milo Mom Mural
Casa Chacalaca