29 'Things' for 29 [HBD to me!]

I meant to do this actually on my birthday but... #life. Especially #momlife.

So this is 29 things for/from 29 years.  

It's a mixture of insights, goals, visions, hopes, dreams, lessons, myths I believed were true, tools, that feel essentially relevant to me, You may resonate, you may find takeaways. This post is for fun and in a way a gift to myself to write down what has been and what will be and to make a marker of the here and now, the moment I currently exist in that will inevitably be completely new in just a short matter of time. 

#1 - Let yourself finish something.

#2 - The biggest lie I have let myself believe thus far - someone else can do it better than I can and if someone's already doing something I'd like to do then I shouldn't do it. Oh. my. god. the time I have wasted, tears I have cried, pain I have felt because I believed this. It has officialy been thrown out the window and with so much relief I can finally say I am going to do exactly what I want to do, in exactly the way I want to do it in and not give a #@$$^# what anyone else thinks.*

*Let's be honest...there will be moments when some part of me wonders what other people think, but this thought will no longer dictate my actions. And, if it ever does I will swiftly give myself a good talking to and jump back on my horse. 

#3- Life's too short to not breathe... #protip???

#4 - Money: just be ready to always be in process with it. Its a really really good teacher for so many things in life. Let it be a teacher and always be in relationship with it rather than thinking you'll someday perfect it. It's an evolution. 

#5 - Friendship- too much to say on this one. This is a big lesson for me. It's such a dance. The more I've found the way that I can show up as a friend and not tried to be the friend that I'm not the more my friendships have thrived. 

#6- No one else is your guru, but anyone can be a teacher, guide, expander* (this is an awesome word Lacy Phillips uses to describe someone that helps you see whats possible for yourself. This is honestly how I've guided most of my life, by being inspired by someone and then finding what 

#7 - Babies are awesome. scary. the coolest. the cutest. the hardest. the sweetest. the most manipulative. crazy. snotty. wild. hilarious. I could go on forever. I regularly refer to Milo as a torture device and then as soon as I'm not with him I look at videos and pictures of him. That should sum it all up right there. They change you (read: have changed me completely and I wouldn't change it.) It's literally the best lesson ever. One that just keeps teaching you.

#8 - I will always trust my creative timing. *Deep breath as I write this one.* This online space that you are in right now has been an idea in my head in some shape or form for 8+ years. It's taken forever to make this a reality. Everyone in my life doubted I could do it including myself, because I kept talking about it and it kept not happening. Here's my lesson to myself: always trust my timing. Who cares what I thought, they thought or do think. I KNEW it was going to happen and that it would happen in the moment when it was ready, not a second before. I followed the strongest feeling in me in each moment. I know I couldn't push something that wasn't ready. I wanted to create something I was proud of and that I actually wanted to share. I will always trust my creative timing which means I also have to be responsible for kicking my own butt into gear when it is time. 

#9 - Creativity is the whole point. Why we are each here. It may not mean you pick up a paint brush or an instrument or a camera or some specific creative object every day but with every breath you take you are creating. You're creating your experiece and in some way or another you're influencing someone else's life experience. Becoming empowered in yourself, your creative capacity and the beautiful and incredbly unique way that you create in the world is the best adventure you can ever go on. It literally connects to everything and gives you life (and life lessons). 

#10- School for school's sake didn't matter to me. As a parent looking into how I want to educate and teach my kids I've now discovered the method of 'unschooling' which sounds amazing. I spend a lot of energy trying to unlearn the things I learned at school. There are so many other more enriching experiences. Sometimes those can exist at school, but the intention and mission of a space that is meant to help you become who you are and discover how you make an impact is responsible for such a huge influence that it can't be taken lightly. We aren't here to experience a bunch of trauma and then try to unravel it. We are born with this incredble capacity for growth, creativity, and impact so to allow a few years of that and then throw school on top of it just doesn't seem like the best option. Milo, just a heads up, we're gonna do this a little differently. Please take this with a grain of salt as its fully my opinion and I know not everyone has this same belief or experience. 

#11 - As long as you're here you're human and I believe that's a really beautiful gift to be embraced, not to be rejected or pushed away. 

#12 - No one is better than you and you aren't better than anyone. 

#13 - There is no attainment that's more valuable than joy. 

#14 - Spend time in a garden. Because...plants.

#15 - Shhh. the quiet moments are where life enters and shares its magic. I know its ironic that I'm saying that as I write words but isn't irony the #1 law of the universe? 

#16 - Joy only exists because the equal and opposite does as well. 

#17 - geez, 29 is a lot of things...

#18 - When life moves you, just go with it. 

#19 - Get sessions. They have been one of the single most amazing things that have happened to me in my life. They've given me the deepest feeling of peace, trust, inner knowing and connection to my fullest capacity to experience life. And after 8+ years of being supported by them there isn't a day or a moment when I doubt the wisdom of the universe is within me, speaks to me, and moves through me ALWAYS. The challenging moments are grounded in this support and I know my only job is to listen. Which brings me to #20

#20 - Life isn't a cruel joke. No you are not here as a part of one big trick. Life has a wisdom, and intelligence, and a purpose and you are an expression of that. The 'trick' is buying into the belief that it has to be hard.  

#21- Dance because as a human being you are designed to dance. It doesn't matter if you officially took the classes or not. Dance is a doorway into a huge slice of magic in the world. 

#22 - Find the music you love and let it move you. We need more things that remind us to shut up our heads and just feel. To move us out of rigidity and into a flow, into breath and into being available to what life has to offer us. And know that when you can't dance your cells are dancing inside you. You are never separate. 

#23 - Even if you relate to the title of introvert there is so much joy in connecting with others. Just find how you uniquely connect. It doesn't have to look like how everyone else does it. 

#24 - Take a Franklin Method class. It will melt you in the best way.

#25 - Read books, talk with friends, share adventures, find inspiration, have experiences and then let it all go so the next moment can arrive.

#26 - Follow up and follow through. This is a big lesson I'm still learning, especially with letting the people in my life know I love and value them. 

#27 - Everyone expresses and receives love differently.

#28 - Listen. This is my method for living life, my deepest message, and my inspiration for creating this online space. There's always an insight or an answer trying to arrive in me if I am available to listen. 

#29 - You're never going to please everyone and its best not to set out on something to please anyone. Do life for you. 



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